Orphan Jane is circus tents and gypsies, traditional blues and vaudeville, a dear friend of whom you're just a little afraid. Like a drink cut with sharp mandolins, wheezing accordions and trilling trumpets, chased by the driving lines of a standup bass. A vocalist equal parts Lotte Lenya and Little Mermaid with a band of hooligans growling close behind.

Orphan Jane is:

Old Man Shorty: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

The Girls with No Name: Vocals

Darla McBean: Trumpet

The Gravedigger: Bass

Montana Slim: Accordion, Vocals

Orphan Jane was formed in late 2011 by eccentric jazz guitarist bandmaster Dave Zydallis (Old Man Shorty) with longtime friend and collaborator bassist Robert Desjardins (The Gravedigger). Together, Dave and Bob schemed and conned Jessica Underwood (The Girl with No Name) and Tim Cluff (Montana Slim), into starting a Brechtian-40's-throwback-Kurt Weill-tribute band. After learning 2 Kurt Weill songs the band started writing and hasn't looked back since!

The fifth and final member of Orphan Jane came in the form of duteous trumpeteer Caitlin Featherstone (Darla McBean). After meeting the Gravedigger at a doggy day care, Caitlin began relentlessly hounding the band all around the NY area, insisting they let her join. The group had no option but to comply. 

Orphan Jane independently released their debut album 'A Poke in the Eye' in fall of 2014 to praise. It was voted Top 50 Albums of the Year by NY Music Daily and the single 'Mansion Song' was acclaimed as one of the best songs of the year. Following an overwhelmingly successful Rockethub Fundraising Campaign in Fall of 2015, Orphan Jane is currently workshopping a full length musical based on their live show. 

Orphan Jane's sophomore release 'The Traveling Everything Show' will be released in the Fall of 2016. The band frequently releases free downloads of Old Man Shorty' ranting about issues close to their hearts on the Orphan Jane Soundcloud page.